We are open and it is business as usual! However due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have updated our guidance on how to manage and support Homeshares during the pandemic.


This is intended as a guide only and has been produced by Homeshare UK and Shared Lives Plus, the national charity, for members who deliver Homeshare services and to aid their partner agencies, existing customers and potential new customers. It is not government guidance.

Disclaimer: It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but government guidance is changing rapidly, and there is no settled policy position on some issues. If in doubt, seek relevant qualified advice. No liability is accepted for any losses or damages arising from following this guidance.


Information for people living in Homeshares

Everyone should follow advice on hand hygiene. You can find a visual guide to correct hand washing here: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/best-way-to-wash-yourhands/

Households should follow the latest government lockdown guidance and should discuss the risk factors in their household with their Homeshare Organisation and keep them informed of plans. You can find the government national lockdown guidance here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-lockdown-stay-athome#contents

The Metropolitan Police have a clear list of what you can and cannot do depending on where you live in the country: https://www.met.police.uk/advice/advice-andinformation/c19/coronavirus-covid-19/

Anyone showing symptoms can now access a test which you can do yourself at home or at a testing site. See https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing- and-tracing/get-an-antigen-test-to-check-if-you-have-coronavirus/ to book your test Results usually come back the next day.


COVID-19 Vaccinations

Many older people within Homeshare arrangements will have already received their first phase COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccine may not prevent you from catching and passing on the virus, but it is expected to reduce this risk. After receiving the vaccine, it is still important to continue to:

  • Practice social distancing.

  • Wear a face mask.

  • Wash your hands carefully and frequently.


You can find out more about what to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-what-to-expectafter-vaccination/what-to-expect-after-your-covid-19-vaccination


Sharers have not been identified as a vaccine priority group, so are not entitled to a vaccine within the first phase. However, should Sharers have an underlying health condition they may qualify as one of the vaccine priority groups. More information about priority groups can be found here:

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/priority-groups-for-coronavirus-covid-19- vaccination-advice-from-the-jcvi-30-december-2020/joint-committee-on-vaccinationand-immunisation-advice-on-priority-groups-for-covid-19-vaccination-30-december2020


Where to find updated guidance

Homeshare UK and Shared Lives Plus will continue to review and update this guidance on a regular basis as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Shared Lives Plus is the UK membership body for all people and individuals involved in Shared Lives and Homeshare and is issuing regularly updated guidance to the Homeshare sector here: https://homeshareuk.org/coronavirus-guidance-for-householders-homesharers-andhomeshare-organisations/


New Homeshares

We are still actively working to find new matches (householders and sharers) every day.

To ensure that we deliver safe and happy matches during the COVID-19 pandemic, we now have additional checks and risk assessments in place which will be discussed with all potential clients during interviews.